James T. Hamilton

Charles S. Sydnor Professor
of Public Policy;
Professor of Political Science
and Economics and Director,
DeWitt Wallace Center
for Media and Democracy

James “Jay” Hamilton is the Charles S. Sydnor Professor of Public Policy at Duke University, as well as a professor of economics and political science. In 2004, he became director of undergraduate studies in the public policy department. Hamilton’s scholarly work and numerous publications reflect his interests in the economics of regulation, public choice/political economy, environmental policy and the media.

Hamilton joined Duke’s faculty in 1991 and has held a number of titles since then including Oscar L. Tang Family Professor of Public Policy, Economics, and Political Science (2003-04), assistant director of Sanford Institute (2001-2002) and director of the Duke Program on Violence and the Media (1993-2000).

He has written or coauthored six books, including All the News That’s Fit to Sell: How the Market Transforms Information into News; and Regulation Through Revelation: The Origin and Impacts of the Toxics Release Inventory Program.

For his accomplishments in teaching and research, Hamilton has received awards such as the David N. Kershaw Award from the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (2001), the Kennedy School of Government’s Goldsmith Book Prize from the Shorenstein Center (1999), and Trinity College’s (Duke) Distinguished Teaching Award (1993).

Hamilton earned a BA in economics and government in 1983 and a PhD in economics in 1991, both from Harvard.

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