Orlando Ayala

Corporate Vice President,
Chairman of Emerging Markets,
and Chief Strategist,
National Competitiveness,
Microsoft Corporation

Orlando Ayala is a corporate vice president, chairman of emerging markets, and chief advisor to Microsoft's chief operating officer (COO).

As chairman of emerging markets, Ayala is dedicated to helping federal, provincial and local governments develop the infrastructure, educational programs and human resource capability to turn their particular capabilities into a competitive advantage on an international scale. By partnering with leading technology partners, multilateral organizations and non-governmental organizations, Ayala's highly-focused group aims to use technology as a supporting player in initiatives designed to advance the national agenda, whether in education, health, citizen services, citizen safety or academic and industry research. Focused on results-driven programs that seek to optimize positive impact, time to market and constrained resources, Ayala's projects frequently highlight mixed-source environments and interoperability, recognizing the realities that our customers and partners face. His goal is to improve access to technology and education that will offer new ways for individuals, communities and entire countries to realize their potential in the coming years.

Ayala also serves as chief advisor to the chief operating officer, Kevin Turner. In this function Ayala works with a select number of corporate groups and subsidiaries each year, ensuring the needs of small, yet high-growth subsidiaries are represented and considered in the course of decision-making at corporate headquarters. At the same time, Ayala's work in this capacity helps evangelize corporate initiatives and culture across the smaller subsidiaries worldwide.

Before moving to these areas, Ayala co-led Microsoft's Unlimited Potential Group. This group was charged with spearheading efforts to close the digital divide by creating new products and programs to help bring social and economic opportunity to the estimated 5 billion people not yet realizing the benefits of technology. Through the expansion of Microsoft Unlimited Potential, the company has renewed and accelerated its long-term commitment to use technology, training, and partnerships to transform education, foster local innovation, and enable jobs and opportunities to sustain a continuous cycle of social and economic growth for everyone.

Born in Colombia, South America, Ayala earned a bachelor's degree in management information systems before joining NCR in 1981. While there he held international assignments, including sales manager for Mexico, ultimately becoming product and sales manager for Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Ayala joined Microsoft in 1991 as the senior director of the Latin America region, growing the region from four to nine subsidiaries with a 90 percent increase in revenue over four years. Intercontinental revenue similarly doubled to more than $1 billion when he took on the role of senior vice president of that region. During this period, Ayala opened 33 Microsoft subsidiaries around the world, working with each to establish local needs, goals, and presence. Subsequent roles included senior vice president for the South Pacific and Americas region and group vice president of the worldwide Sales, Marketing and Services Group. In the latter position, he led the worldwide strategies, policies and programs that integrate the activities of Microsoft's diverse sales and service partners with the needs of Microsoft customers.

Later, as the senior vice president of the Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partner Group, Ayala led Microsoft's strategic focus on the rapidly growing market of small and midsize businesses, as well as the extensive channel of sales and services partners. Simultaneously he agreed to take on a unique dual role at Microsoft by serving as the chief operating officer of Microsoft Dynamics, where he was responsible for driving a consistent marketing and services strategy for Microsoft's then-nascent business solutions division.

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