Andy Carvin

Senior Strategist,
National Public Radio

Andy Carvin serves as Senior Strategist on NPR's Social Media Desk. He manages NPR's online communities and directs the news organization's audience engagement efforts. Carvin co-founded PublicMediaCamp, an initiative that helps both NPR and various PBS stations foster collaboration between local tech communities and social media users. Prior to joining NPR, Carvin served as the director and editor of Digital Divide Network, an extensive online community of educators and policymakers. He is also creator of the online education resource, "EdWeb: Exploring Technology and School Reform," which was one of the first websites to explore the impact of telecommunications policy on education.

Carvin has been widely recognized as a leader in technology and innovation. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and a recipient of the prestigious Annenberg/Washington post-graduate policy fellowship.

Follow Andy Carvin on Twitter: @acarvin

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