Luis G. Babino

Fundación Desarrollo de Ciencias y
Métodos de Gobierno (CiGob)

Luis Guillermo Babino is an economist and graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 1976. He is the President of CiGob, (Fundación Desarrollo de Ciencias y Métodos de Gobierno), a non-governmental organization based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, created with the purpose of developing strategic planning methodologies in order to strengthen decision-making capabilities in high-level governmental offices.

In 2010, CiGob launched Foropolitics, a web-based initiative aimed at promoting multilateral dialogue on the impact of communication technologies on political and government action. The first meeting of Foropolitics was held in Buenos Aires, on March 17th 2011, and headed by former President of Chile, Mr. Ricardo Lagos. At this meeting, several academics, government officials, and political leaders discussed how can governments at all levels can best take advantage of information technologies to create innovative and citizen-centred public policies.

Mr. Babino started his career as an economist in the banking sector. After a few years he entered Salto Grande Enterprise, a bi-national public company created by Uruguay and Argentina to administer the common dam, where after a long career he became responsible for Planning.

In 1990 he left Salto Grande to specialize in governmental strategic planning. In 1995 he met and started working with Professor Carlos Matus, former Minister of Finance of Chile during Salvador Allende´s government, and creator of a trans-disciplinary science of government. In the 1990´s, under the leadership of Professor Matus, Mr. Babino specialized in this new approach to strategic planning called Situational Strategic Planning, born in response to the weak results of the traditional school of planning developed in the 1950´s by the Latin American Economic Commission of United Nations.

During 1999 he completed a post graduate degree in public policy and state reform from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences.

In 1999 he became a member of the group of advisors to the vice-presidential candidate Carlos Alvarez, and contributed to the design of the State Modernization Plan. As a result of this process he was named as Under Secretary of State for Public Management to the Argentine State and Coordinator General of the programme for the Modernisation of the State in the years 2000-2001.

After leaving office, Mr Babino started working as an advisor to political leaders and local and national governments in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Panamá.

In 2005 he created CiGob, training a group of young professionals with whom he started developing a set of technological applications aimed at giving support and strengthening decision-making processes in the Office of Government. This application is known as Government’s Suite.

Mr. Babino is also the Coordinator of the Training Programme on Political Direction based in Ciudad del Saber, Panamá, delivered to government officials and political leaders.

Since 2010 Mr Babino has lead a research group on Politics and Complexity, with the purpose of concluding what new capabilities governments and politicians require in order to develop effective policies in this new era of rapid social change and complexity.

He has also published several books and articles on state reform and innovation in public state reform.

Mr Babino has also acted as a consultant to the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) and to the Banco Mundial (BIRF) in reforming projects of the Public Financial Administration and Modernisation of the State in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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