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Tuesday 8 November

Welcoming Words + Opening Plenary
Digital Technologies and the Future of Governance in the 21st Century

Welcoming Words Wim Kok / Michael R. Bloomberg
Speakers Sheikh Fahad Al Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah / Yochai Benkler / Arianna Huffington / Michele Hunt / Beth S.Noveck / José María Sanz Magallón / Irving Wladawsky-Berger
Discussants Olusegun Obasanjo / Alejandro Toledo

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Breakout Session 1
The Changing Nature of Statecraft: The Impact of Big Data

Speakers Michael Chui / Alex Karp / Todd Park / Stefaan G.Verhulst / Juan A. Yáñez-Barnuevo
Discussants Lionel Jospin / Mary Robinson

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Breakout Session 2
WeGov: How Network Technology is Strengthening Democracy

Speakers Susan Crawford / Craig Newmark / Cory Ondrejka / Andrew Rasiej / David Steel / Katrin Verclas
Discussants Joaquim Chissano / Vicente Fox

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Breakout Session 3
The Changing Nature of Accountability Journalism

Speakers Anthony Barnett / Ernesto Paglia / Mario Tascón / Christopher Walker
Discussants Luis Alberto Lacalle / Vaira Vike-Freiberga

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Official Conference Dinner
New Technologies, the Arab Spring and 21st Century Statecraft
Presentation by the Fahad Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations and Defense of Liberty

Speakers Sadiq Al Mahdi / Andy Carvin / Alec Ross / Aneesh Chopra / Derrick N. Ashong


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Wednesday 9 November

Global Networks and Local Action (Lightning Talks)
Innovation for Inclusive Development and Sustainable Development

Facilitators José María Figueres / John Bruton
Presentations Luke Williams / Eric Braverman / Patrick Meier / Orlando Ayala / Anita Gurumurthy / David R. Miller / Bilel Jamoussi
Reflections Judith Rodin

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Breakout Session 4
Does ‘Politics as Usual’ Stand in the Way of Innovation

Speakers Luis G. Babino / Alex Howard / Micah L. Sifry
Discussants Ricardo Lagos / Petre Roman

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Breakout Session 5
If We Build It, Will They Come: Why Meaningful Citizen Engagement is Hard

Speakers Sean Cleary / Chat García Ramilo / Susan Pointer / Anas Qtiesh / Henry Sweetbaum
Discussants Kjell Magne Bondevik / Kim Campbell

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Breakout Session 6
Journalism is Dead, Long Live Journalism

Speakers Kamal Bherwani / James T. Hamilton / Jeff Jarvis / Daoud Kuttab / Nguyen Anh Tuan
Discussants Alfred Gusenbauer / Andrés Pastrana

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Final Plenary
Making Governance Better, Democracy Stronger and Citizens More Powerful: Getting from Here to There

Opening Words Neelie Kroes
Reflections Cassam Uteem / Jorge I. Domínguez / Beth S. Noveck / Jorge Quiroga / Clay Shirky
Commitments to Action and Final Words Jennifer Mary Shipley

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